Patients are over the moon with overdentures, A guide to tooth replacement with implants

If you are missing one or more teeth or are holding on to painful teeth due to fears over gaps in your smile, you are not alone! In its “status of Oral Health in California” report, the state notes that by the time 49% of fellow Californians have reached the age of 64, they have lost at least one tooth due to decay or gum disease. Additionally, nearly 9% of Californians aged 65 to 74 are edentulous and have lost all their natural teeth. 

Dental Oasis of Orange County is your “home” for non-judgmental, professional, trustworthy, and honest care. Over-denture options are available alongside many other methods to replace missing or failing teeth. Our team takes the time to get to know you. From there, we work with you to determine the option that best suits your smile and life. 

Implants for tooth replacement

The overdenture is one of many tooth replacement systems that use dental implants. The implant is a cylindrical-shaped post. It is made from titanium or a performance ceramic-like zirconium oxide. These materials are biocompatible, which means they have unique properties to naturally and safely “fuse” to surrounding natural tissues. In the months following their placement, the implants integrate into the bone in the jaw. Once they are a part of the jawbone, implants can function as tooth roots. They are connected to prosthetic teeth. One implant may be used to replace a single tooth. Or a few well-positioned implants support many prosthetic teeth as part of a bridge or denture. In fact, some systems allow us to place as few as four implants to stabilize all of the prosthetic teeth in the upper or lower jaw. 

The overdenture gets its name from the fact that the denture goes “over” the implants embedded in the jaw. Depending on your needs, we may work with you to design an upper denture, lower denture, or upper and lower dentures for a full-mouth transformation. All of our prosthetic teeth are made with exacting attention to detail and by using advanced technologies to support precision planning. We ensure that your prosthetic teeth and gums are perfectly color-matched to the unique features of your face and smile and that they blend in effortlessly. High-quality materials further support sustained satisfaction, comfort, and dentures that last. 

Experience the many benefits 

Notably, overdentures keep the bone in the jaw strong. The implant is a part of the jaw and a part of the denture. The force and energy from behaviors such as chewing food are transferred from the denture teeth to the implants. This keeps the bone healthy and dense. Bone loss is associated with various functional and cosmetic problems over time. Due to this important characteristic, patients can enjoy their implant-retained dentures for life! Conventional removable dentures require ongoing relining, rebasing, repairs, and replacement to keep up with the changing bone in the jaw and as it resorbs or shrinks. 

Still, other methods of tooth replacement may be well-suited to patients who have already experienced bone loss. This includes implants preceded by bone grafting to build up the deteriorated tissue. Some patients also appreciate our “immediate dentures,” whereby a provisional denture may be placed during the same appointment as your extractions. Lastly, we can discuss if “retrofitting” existing dentures is a feasible option. The world is your oyster, thanks to today’s myriad techniques, materials, and products! Call (714) 312-7714 to schedule your dentures consultation at Dental Oasis of Orange County now.