CEREC®, The benefits of one-visit, same-day dentistry for durable, cosmetic crowns

We at Dental Oasis of Orange County embrace cutting-edge systems. These technologies support our role as an oasis or place of refuge for relaxing, comfortable, and high-quality dentistry. The CEREC® system plays an integral part in our practice in Huntington Beach, California. CEREC® is referred to as “one-visit” or “same-day dentistry” because that is exactly what it facilitates. 

It uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) techniques and equipment to build new tooth structures in no time – 15 to 20 minutes. With standard processes, dental crowns and other restorations are made off-site by an outside lab. We have brought all of these capabilities in-house under our roof. With such onsite expertise, we can provide many benefits that enhance the patient experience and support long-term satisfaction with treatment. 

To better understand these benefits, let’s take a look at what CEREC® really stands for at our office: 

  • C – Chairside. We can make dental crowns while you wait. You can even see your new crown being milled from dental ceramic. This feature of the treatment process makes getting crowns and restorative care convenient and hassle-free. Traditionally, crowns are not made “chairside.” They require the patient to make at least one return trip because we have to wait for the permanent crown to be made. It can take 2-4 weeks for some labs to make your restoration
  • E – Economical. By handling everything “in-house” and in one appointment, we save you time and money traveling to and from our office for additional return visits. Furthermore, you get more bang for your buck. The materials and approaches that we use all help to ensure that crowns are strong and will last for many years to come (with good oral care, of course)
  • R – Restoration. Restoring your broken, decayed, or unsightly tooth to healthy structure and function is straightforward, easy, and comfortable. We use a scanner to collect information about your mouth non-invasively. This information is then used to make a digital model or impression of your teeth. Since most of the process of designing and fabricating the tooth is aided by technology, the potential for “human error” is minimized. Plus, CEREC® has eliminated the need for a fragile temporary crown to be placed, because you get your permanent crown on the same visit 
  • E – Esthetic. You can trust that your new crown will look natural and indistinguishable from other natural and healthy teeth. CAD software helps ensure the crown is designed to your exact specifications, promoting the most natural result. Plus, quality non-metal materials are used to fabricate the crown. These materials best mimic the properties of a natural tooth enamel
  • C – Ceramic. Again, this system uses metal-free materials. Premium ceramics provide peace of mind for patients; they are not associated with adverse allergic reactions or sensitivities. And, unlike aging metal restorations, ceramic crowns do not corrode or break down, resulting in undesirable changes (such as a noticeable dark or black line at the spot where the gums and teeth touch)

To find out more about this exciting and super-convenient way to make over your tooth (or teeth), call us at (714) 312-7714. Dental Oasis of Orange County welcomes your questions. 

Our office in Huntington Beach, CA, also looks forward to meeting you and your family.