How we restore and keep your gums healthy for a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles

We at Dental Oasis of Orange County believe in doing the right thing for our patients. Across the board, patients are better off when we can protect and prevent. Our team in Huntington Beach, California, prevents conditions like dental decay and gum disease by maintaining the health of the teeth and the soft tissue that protect the teeth. These conditions lead to the need for restorative treatments. Such treatment may be very time-intensive, expensive, and traumatic. Furthermore, management of conditions like gum disease at our office is conservative, not invasive, supports natural healing, and sustains your smile’s beauty, function, comfort, and health.

Get to know STM

Soft Tissue Management (STM) refers to plans that are personalized to each patient and designed to support the long-term health of the gingiva (or gums) and other bony (periodontal) tissues. We accomplish this in the most light-touch, tissue-preserving way possible. By managing the bacteria, plaque, and other factors that contribute to disease, we can prevent gingivitis or early-stage gum inflammation from occurring in the first place. Our team can also reverse the effects of gingivitis when managed promptly and properly. Furthermore, we can stop the condition from progressing to periodontitis or infection. Even among those individuals with advanced gum disease, we have the tools to preserve the teeth and even regenerate lost gummy tissue and bone.   

STM is a combination of professional services at Dental Oasis of Orange County and good oral hygiene at home. Depending on your needs, it may include: 

  • A “deep clean” or Scaling and Root Planing – The “scaling” part refers to removing harmful bacteria and stubborn plaque from the surfaces of the tooth root and underneath the gumline. The “planing” step involves softening the rough texture of the root surfaces. So, toxins in bacterial plaque are less likely to stick and accumulate on these areas. Furthermore, this process promotes the healing and attachment of the gums to the bone. Healing may also be accelerated by irrigating the periodontal pockets that form between the teeth and gums with an antimicrobial, bacteria-fighting medication
  • Laser dentistry – Not all dental practices are equipped to provide laser assisted-dental procedures. Among other treatments, we can use soft tissue lasers to eradicate bacteria, reduce periodontal pockets, and further heal the gums. We are proud to offer this option for STM as a painless, minimally invasive, efficient, and focused alternative to conventional, invasive cutting instruments and techniques 
  • Customized home care recommendations —  Our team considers your unique risk factors to prescribe antimicrobial rinses and other products to resolve damage and sustain gum health. Additionally, we can demonstrate ways to more effectively brush and clean your teeth and other areas of your mouth that harbor bacteria

As the health of your gums is restored, we will re-evaluate your gums and confirm that any therapeutic interventions or hygiene modifications are working. Call (714) 312-7714 to schedule an appointment at our office in Huntington Beach, CA.