Dental sealants seal out the “bad stuff” to prevent cavities and preserve your teeth!

Like raincoats for your teeth, dental sealants at the Dental Oasis of Orange County office in Huntington Beach, California, keep out all of the substances that can threaten the beauty of your smile and the health and function of your mouth! Thanks to these safe and durable coverings, your natural tooth structure is protected from food particles, harmful bacteria, sticky plaque, and stubborn bacterial plaque build-up (tartar). Collectively, these substances erode the teeth from the outside inward. 

They also trigger a process whereby toxins are released that further irritate and inflame the supportive gum tissue. Eventually, these attachments to the teeth are degraded, as is the bone in the jaw. Both decay and periodontal (gum) disease are progressive conditions and the top causes of tooth loss. 

An ally for decay-prone teeth

Furthermore, it’s estimated that around nine of every ten cavities occur in the back teeth. These back premolars and molars feature chewing surfaces. These surfaces contain pits and fissures. Food and bacteria may become trapped in those pitted, uneven cracks and crevices. When this happens, teeth are vulnerable to dental decay. 

Cavities are the result of progressive decay. A hole (or cavity) arises as portions of each tooth deteriorate. Smaller cavities may be treated with dental restorations such as “simple” fillings. Larger cavities, or more extensive types of decay, require more extensive treatments. These restorations could range from inlays and partial crowns (onlays) to full dental crowns. If the tooth is “too far gone,” and its innermost structure is damaged, too, we may not be able to save the tooth. Dental extraction followed by tooth replacement like bridges, dentures, and implants may be in your future.

Well, we can avoid all of that! 

Sealants may be applied in a matter of minutes. The process easily fits into your or your child’s recall appointment. It is painless. In fact, sealants are an appropriate preventive measure for patients with tooth sensitivity, as the process is tolerated so well. It also fights sensitivity, which can be a symptom of enamel erosion. Applying a safe and strong protective cover retains the health of your tooth enamel. 

Weak or vulnerable teeth get a healing hand. And, while we typically recommend sealants for children between the ages of 6 and 7 (or as soon as their first molars come in), it is a great proactive treatment for adults, too! You may be a more “experienced” patient with characteristics such as deeply grooved back teeth. Or, you may be encountering new challenges in cleaning your back teeth. 

Whatever the case, we encourage you to call us to learn more about the power and ease of dental sealants! Call Dental Oasis of Orange County at (714) 312-7714. Our office in Huntington Beach, CA, is also taking appointment requests from this website. Our dedicated team will see you soon!