Preserve your complete, healthy, and attractive smile with precise and painless root canal therapy

Dental Oasis of Orange County prides itself on a passion for caring for patients that individuals can feel from the moment they first interact with our team in Huntington Beach, California. We know patients will continue to visit us, time and time again, for the routine services necessary for oral health and overall health – as long as we do the “right thing” and treat them with the respect they deserve. Such routine care can avoid many problems that require costly, time-consuming, and invasive treatment. 

Root canal therapy is a conservative alternative to extracting or removing severely damaged or deeply infected teeth. Furthermore, this straightforward and common nonsurgical procedure may be the only way to keep a natural tooth. It also quickly resolves pain, swelling, and other symptoms that can keep you up at night. These and other common symptoms may arise from progressive tooth decay, fractures, or any other damage that can affect the inside of the tooth. 

The procedure gets to the “source” of pain, the nervy tissues at the center of the tooth (the pulp). After teeth have developed, the pulp is no longer needed to nourish the growing tooth. So, the option to remove the pulp tissue is appropriate for mature teeth. Patients no longer feel pain once the nerves have been removed. 

After the damaged tissues have been removed, the root canals that surround the pulp are sterilized and reshaped. To protect the treatment site and to encourage healing, a gutta-percha material or filling is applied to seal off the area. Typically, we will want to place a dental crown after any infection has been resolved and as the final step in the treatment process. 

The crown should be placed promptly to prevent root canal failures, which can occur if patients wait too long to restore their treated tooth. And, yes, a crown goes a long way to ensure your tooth remains healthy, strong, functional, and looking great for many years to come. 

In general, root canal therapy has a high success rate. It is well-established as a safe and efficient process. It has been described as a “deep cleaning” for the insides of a tooth. It is also tolerated well by patients, with our use of precision techniques, light-touch tools like lasers, localized anesthetic, and relaxing sedation as needed.

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