Heal damaged gums, and restore an attractive gumline with a conservative, precision pinhole rejuvenation technique.

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Pinhole gum rejuvenation fits in well with our range of leading-edge investments, promoting precise treatment, safety, and the long-term health and beauty of the smile while minimizing the risks and complications associated with conventional techniques and treatments. 

The “whys” and “hows” of pinhole treatment 

Our practice is proud to be certified in this gingival treatment, often referred to as a “non-invasive gum lift procedure.” Your gums surround, protect, and help to hold the teeth in place. 

When your gums are not healthy, they may pull away from the teeth. Your smile may look “long in the tooth” as the gums recede. This process is indicative of progressive gum disease. Your teeth appear taller because the gums have effectively shrunken or retreated. 

Furthermore, those spaces between the teeth (“periodontal pockets”) harbor bacteria and plaque as gum disease progresses. Eventually, gum disease threatens the teeth and jawbone by breaking down the supportive attachments that hold each tooth in place. 

Pinhole gum rejuvenation presents a surgical technique and an alternative to aggressive and extreme cutting procedures, as well as extractions or the loss of teeth. Furthermore, our precision approaches not only prevent further damage but also help restore or regenerate tissues lost to disease and other forms of trauma. 

If you are a good candidate for the pinhole approach, treatment generally involves: 

  • Creating small pin-sized holes in the tissues
  • Through these tiny holes, the affected tissue is accessed
  • The areas that have sustained gum recession are then adjusted, with tissue being repositioned to cover exposed tooth roots.
  • By covering up the roots, teeth are no longer vulnerable to irreparable decay and infection.
  • In addition, sensitivity caused by root exposure is resolved
  • Instead of removing tissue from one part of the mouth and transplanting it to the gumline (causing two wounds), this process encourages the body to create more tissue on its own
  • The availability of blood and collagen proteins at the gumline means it is hard to tell if treatment occurred at the site the day after. So, it is a well-tolerated treatment

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