Opportunities abound to prevent, stop, and even reverse the effects of gum disease

At Dental Oasis of Orange County, our patients from across the Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, and Westminster, California region benefit from our blend of dedicated, proactive care and cutting-edge technologies such as laser dentistry. This combination of talented professionals and sophisticated capabilities is particularly beneficial when preventing and stopping progressive conditions such as periodontal disease

Also known as gum disease, the effects of this condition can even be reversed when it is successfully and promptly treated in its earliest stages. On the other end of the disease spectrum, individuals who have sustained irreparable tissue loss can benefit from periodontal therapies designed to regenerate and replace deteriorated or lost tissues. 

Early-stage gum disease 

Gingivitis is a common but moderate form of gum disease. It is primarily characterized by inflammation of the tissues or gums surrounding and supporting the teeth. At this stage, you may not know you have it. Many patients may not realize something is wrong or show symptoms until after the disease has progressed and potentially caused damage. If you do notice something amiss, signs may be minor and include: 

  • Redder than usual gums 
  • Swollen, puffy, and soft gums
  • Tenderness, discomfort
  • Bleeding, especially during flossing and brushing
  • Bad breath

Advanced gum disease

Without treatment for gingivitis, you can develop periodontitis. At this point, bacteria in plaque trigger a destructive immune response, which breaks down and threatens the supportive tissues and bone. Some patients experience similar symptoms to those noted above. Periodontitis is also characterized by the following:

  • New or widening spaces between the teeth
  • Shifts and changes to the position of the teeth 
  • A foul or “rotten” taste in the mouth 
  • A “toothy”-looking smile caused by gums that recede or pull away from the teeth
  • Changes with “bite,” or problems with how the opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws contact each other when biting down
  • Loose teeth 

Since gum disease causes little to no discomfort early on, it is essential to get into a good habit of check-ups at our office in Huntington Beach, California. These exams and cleanings are scheduled at least twice a year, especially if you have challenges with good oral care and other risk factors for periodontal disease. 

If the disease is present, we can discuss modifiable behaviors and introduce oral care products to halt the process and even reverse early damage. For some patients, a deep cleaning called scaling and root planing is all it takes to heal and restore the health of the gums. For others with more advanced disease, we can rebuild lost tissues to restore the appearance and health of the smile. 

Laser-assisted dentistry is also a big part of what we do. It is an appropriate adjunct for many periodontal therapies. We can use lasers to reduce and eradicate bacteria via Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) and to aid in managing gum disease. Research and clinical evidence has shown that Laser Bacterial Reduction in addition to Scaling and Root Planing can significantly improve periodontal health and effectively address moderate to advanced Periodontal Disease. Laser Bacterial Reduction therapy:

  • Requires no cutting, no sutures, and no needles – for a no-fear process! 
  • Supports fast treatment and fast healing 
  • Minimizes side effects and complications, such as bleeding and discomfort
  • Is safe and appropriate for most patients and do not have contraindications

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