The power of laser dentistry … reduce harmful bacteria, fight disease, sustain healthy gums

We at Dental Oasis of Orange County stand out favorably from other practices in Huntington Beach, California, and beyond. We set ourselves apart with a difference you can feel from the moment you first interact with our staff. Authentic caring and a personalized, unhurried approach to dentistry are “timeless.” We also distinguish ourselves from other dentists, near and far, with our use of cutting-edge techniques. The dental laser and other technologies help us provide better care and an exceptional experience at our office. Laser dentistry is versatile. It is particularly helpful for bacterial reduction among those patients with active gum disease. 

Fighting bacteria to combat gum disease

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. If bacterial plaque is not removed, toxins are released. Without prompt treatment, these toxins break down the gums that surround and support the teeth, as well as the supportive bone. As disease progresses, from early-stage inflammation (gingivitis) to more advanced infection (periodontitis), the gums pull away from the teeth. These periodontal pockets grow increasingly larger and further harbor disease-causing bacteria and other pathogens. 

With laser-assisted soft tissue treatment, we can clean out these periodontal pockets precisely, thoroughly, and in a “light-touch” (gentle and painless) manner. In our talented and experienced dental hygienists’ hands, the laser is pinpointed toward the treatment site or those spaces that collect bacteria. The energy from the laser then works to destroy bacteria and toxins. Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) may be appropriate to sterilize pockets and to promote healthy reattachment of the gums to the teeth among those patients with active disease. Despite other methods and conventional techniques, patients with persistent inflammation or infection can also benefit from LBR. 

Shining a light on the benefits

Since laser dentistry allows for targeted treatment, healthy tissues outside of the treatment area remain unaltered. This quality helps to decrease the risk of side effects or complications associated with treatment, ranging from bleeding and discomfort to infections. It also prevents the loss of otherwise non-diseased tissues for a safe, non-invasive, conservative, low-risk procedure. 

LBR may be easily integrated into regular or follow-up appointments and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Many of our patients appreciate that the procedure does not involve “triggers” for dental apprehension or fear; for instance, we do not use scalpels or “cutting” tools to penetrate or otherwise alter soft tissues. Due to the light-touch nature of lasers, most patients tolerate treatment well and comfortably. So, using needles and numbing anesthetic is not necessary for laser-assisted procedures. LBR blends the best of both worlds. It is both effective and penetrates areas that cannot be reached or affected with other products, such as antimicrobial rinses, and it is a pain-free, fast, and safe experience. 

Are you due for a dental visit? Schedule an appointment at Dental Oasis of Orange County before problems arise. By the time gum disease is symptomatic and causes problems such as pain and gingival bleeding, the condition may have progressed, and irreparable damage may be done. 

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