Severe stains? “Bleaching-resistant” discoloration? No worries! Get whiter teeth with KöR®

We at Dental Oasis of Orange County have developed a special interest and considerable expertise in cosmetic dentistry. What that means is our team in Huntington Beach, California, has the experience, knowledge, and products to optimally make over a single tooth, many teeth, or a complete smile. Professional teeth whitening is one of the biggest “bang for your buck” procedures in the cosmetic dentistry/smile makeover world. Dental professionals have access to products that are not available in the store or online. These products are powerful enough to, in some cases, lift stains and lighten discoloration that was formerly thought to be “untreatable.”

KöR® whitening system

This system is often called “deep bleaching” or “deep whitening.” KöR® is such a powerful teeth-whitening option that it can effectively whiten stubborn stains. In the past, these stains would have to be covered with porcelain veneers or dental bonding. The discoloration remained; it was simply disguised behind a porcelain or composite resin shell. KöR®, however, really lightens the teeth! You may be an appropriate candidate for this system if your teeth and gums are healthy and you are bothered by conditions such as:

  • Chalky-colored spots associated with fluorosis (excess fluoride use early in life)
  • Blue-ish gray staining associated with excessive tetracycline in childhood
  • Severely yellow, brown, and orange-hued stains, which can arise over time 

The KöR® difference

Decades of rigorous research and clinical testing have resulted in a teeth-whitening system that sets itself apart. KöR® was designed to condition your teeth. So, tooth structure can more readily absorb oxygen and “bleaching factors,” the byproducts of KöR’s proprietary peroxide-based whitening gel. Overall, your teeth whiten better with the KöR® system. Larger stain molecules are broken down into smaller, colorless ones. This process dissolves and removes even severe or deep discoloration that has been “resistant” to other professional whitening products. 

KöR’s advanced whitening gel also contains desensitizers to resolve common concerns about teeth sensitivity caused by some professional whitening systems. The process that removes and breaks down stain molecules is the very same process – oxygenation – that can make teeth painfully sensitive throughout treatment. Due to how the whitening gel is formulated, KöR® plugs tiny tubules in the teeth to prevent deep inflammation caused by bleaching ingredients. 

What to expect 

KöR® is not a single type of treatment. This system has many variations, which depend on each patient’s one-of-a-kind needs, personal characteristics, habits, and goals. For instance, we may recommend home whitening. We will show you how to fill and wear custom KöR® whitening trays. The trays are specially sealed to assure utmost comfort and even and natural-looking results, as the whitening ingredients are delivered from each tray to the teeth. Many patients appreciate the convenience of this option and how they can enjoy gradually and dramatically whiter teeth in a matter of days. 

To find out more about the process and your best options for professional whitening, call Dental Oasis of Orange County in Huntington Beach, CA, at (714) 312-7714