Relax! The health and beauty of your smile are in great hands with professional, proactive care you can trust

Our dentists and team in Huntington Beach, California, are more than an “oasis” in name only. It is our privilege to be a source of calm for individuals and families who seek non-judgmental, caring, advanced, and professional dentistry. At Dental Oasis of Orange County, we appreciate that many people often have long-standing anxiety about (or fear of) visiting the dentist. We have acknowledged this common concern in everything we do; our kind and capable team uses a light touch and gentle techniques. They are also supported in delivering all-important general dentistry services through cutting-edge dental technologies (such as painless and precise laser systems) and relaxing sedative dentistry.

Protect and prevent

Many oral conditions, including the leading causes of tooth loss (dental decay and gum disease), can be prevented. Our proactive approach to protecting the teeth, gums, and mouth is built on a foundation of regular dental check-ups. For otherwise healthy patients without risk factors for oral and pharyngeal cancers, tooth decay, and periodontal disease, the “standard” check-up is scheduled at our office every six months or twice yearly.

Our skilled dental hygienists will gently and thoroughly clean your teeth and the gum line during these check-ups. They have the advanced training and tools to remove even stubborn sources of dental disease, such as plaque build-up (or tartar). These professional cleanings also support white teeth and a beautiful smile by removing surface stains. The “finishing touch” is a nice polish – patients love how fresh their mouths feel as well as their minty-fresh breath! Additionally, our hygienists are all laser certified to perform Laser Bacterial Reduction and can utilize the latest and best in periodontal disease management so that you can be proud of your smile and overall oral health.

These visits would not be complete without one of our dentists thoroughly evaluating the condition of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues and structures. During these comprehensive exams, they use their considerable expertise to pinpoint and assess problems before they cause subtle symptoms. Since early detection supports a quick resolution of symptoms and underlying conditions and avoids the need for invasive, costly, and time-consuming restorative treatment, Dental Oasis of Orange County has also invested in an array of sophisticated diagnostic tools. These technologies include cone beam computed tomography, imaging that renders very detailed, clear, and expansive images of the mouth and associated structures.

Our doctors also regularly screen for precancerous lesions, cancers, and other abnormalities. If you smoke, use tobacco products, or have other risk factors for cancer and oral conditions like gum disease, we ask that you visit us more frequently for exams. That way, we can stay ahead of any changes that could affect the health of your smile and your entire “system.”

Guidance that you can trust

Forging and sustaining relationships between individuals, families, and our dental team is the backbone of our approach to care. Notably, we view routine check-ups as opportunities. Our hygienists may advise on oral care products. They can show you how to more effectively clean hard-to-reach teeth and surfaces. They are happy to answer any questions about your diet, behaviors, and comorbidities that could give rise to oral conditions or worsen existing conditions. Likewise, our dentists are happy to discuss professional preventive services, such as mouthguards, nightguards (for bruxism and TMJ symptoms), and dental sealants. In fact, some services (like sealants) can be applied quickly and easily during your regular 6-month visit.

General and preventive dentistry are fundamental to good oral care in our practice. However, Dental Oasis of Orange County also offers a wide range of premium and durable aesthetic and restorative dentistry to support the whole family and whatever life has in store. Call (714) 312-7714 to schedule an appointment at our Huntington Beach, CA office, or visit the tabs at the top or bottom of this page to request one. We will see you soon!