Spanning and filling in the empty spaces between teeth with quality fixed dental bridges

Just like the diverse bridges that help you get from point “A” to point “B” in Huntington Beach and our corner of southern California, there are several different types of dental bridges to replace missing or failing teeth. The idea with dental bridges is to span or fill the gap created by missing teeth with prosthetic (lab-made) teeth. Bridges planned at Dental Oasis of Orange County are “fixed” or secured in place. They are not going anywhere! With good care, you should be able to enjoy your new teeth for many, many years. 

Our replacement teeth are also made from an array of materials, such as porcelain and other ceramics and metal alloys. Often, a metal core may be fused to a porcelain overlay. This provides an attractive combination of an eye-catching outer shell with a strong inner core. In turn, PFM (porcelain fused to metal) mimics the durability and aesthetics of natural enamel, which is both beautiful and resilient – stronger than skeletal bone, in fact!

The process 

You’ll recall we mentioned how the bridges are “fixed” in place. But just what are they fixed to? With the most popular or “standard” bridge design, the “pontic” or prosthetic tooth is held in place by the natural teeth that are closest to it. For this reason, candidates for this type of dental bridge must have some remaining healthy teeth. The specific locations of your gaps, as well as existing teeth, will also help us to recommend a suitable bridge or tooth replacement options for your smile. 

Now, to support the pontic, these neighboring “abutment” teeth receive dental crowns. The tooth is slightly reduced in size and reshaped to receive a dental crown. Such preparation is needed because the crown must fit on top of the tooth. This step accommodates the crown. Once completed, the crowned abutment teeth can optimally hold up or “anchor” the pontic. 

The pontic and crowns are connected and placed over the reduced abutment teeth as a single piece – the bridge. Once cemented or secured, the bridge strengthens the anchor teeth and fills the empty space. 

For the long, healthy “life” of your bridge

Due to the design of a dental bridge, if this restoration is threatened by decay or disease, it can lead to the loss of at least three teeth – the pontic as well as the natural crowned teeth on either side of it. It is essential for you to keep up with dental check-ups at our office and to clean the area underneath the bridge properly. Bridges can create a tighter, hard-to-reach space that must be effectively brushed and flossed to prevent it from harboring bacteria and plaque. We are happy to recommend oral care products and can demonstrate ways to use those products, which aid in removing food particles from under the bridge. 

To learn more about what to expect before, during, and after bridge placement, call Dental Oasis of Orange County at (714) 312-7714.