We rebuild smiles with modern, precision-fit dentures that look, feel, and function like the “real deal”

Few dental treatments are as transformative as dentures. And we at Dental Oasis of Orange County have myriad options for tooth replacement for individuals in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Westminster, and surrounding communities in our slice of southern California, including dentures and partial dentures. 

Partial dentures

Do you have some teeth left? During an examination at our office, we will check the condition of your remaining teeth. Sometimes, people hold on to painful, severely decayed, or deeply damaged teeth. Some of these teeth may not be preserved with interventions such as root canal therapy. They may need to be removed or extracted. Depending on the number and location of existing teeth, dental bridges or partial dentures (“partials”) may be on the horizon. The conventional bridge involves attaching at least one replacement tooth to crowns on either side. Then, this bridge is cemented to neighboring anchor teeth. These neighbors support the replacement tooth. 

Partial dentures also get their support from remaining teeth. The partial is largely made up of prosthetic gums and teeth. This replacement gum tissue and tooth structure sit on a metal framework. The framework is further fitted with specialized clasps or attachments connecting to the jaws’ existing teeth. Our practice is also privileged to provide full-service dental implant expertise. We can discuss options to retrofit existing partials and alternatives to removable partial dentures (such as implant-retained bridges and dentures).

Complete or full dentures

Will you likely need to replace all of your teeth? We use precision techniques and quality materials to replicate the appearance, structure, and function of natural, healthy teeth and gum tissues. If you have any remaining teeth in the upper or lower jaws, we may need to partner with you to design an upper or lower denture or both upper and lower dentures. Since customization plays such an important role in patients’ long-term comfort and satisfaction, we spend a lot of time perfectly matching the color, shape, and other characteristics of “false” teeth and gums to the unique features of the patient. 

We also leverage technologies like CBCT imaging to ensure dentures fit well, and will not slip around, interfere with chewing and speech, cause sores, and otherwise frustrate the patient. With a true passion for patients and dentistry, we also work closely to help each new denture-wearer adjust quickly and effortlessly to speaking and otherwise using their new teeth. 

And, just like with partial dentures, implants may be used to stabilize the entire upper or lower denture. The fit can be a particular challenge for lower dentures due to the shape of the floor of the mouth and the force of the tongue. These factors can dislodge the denture and may result in the need for denture adhesives to hold the appliance in place.

Eat your favorite foods again. Smile proudly! Laugh freely! Benefit from life-changing, precision-fit partial and complete dentures at Dental Oasis of Orange County. Call (714) 312-7714 to reach our dedicated and caring team in Huntington Beach, CA, today.