Keep your teeth intact and more money in your pocket … the importance of advanced Digital x-rays and diagnostics

True to our name, we are a refuge from pain and pricey and extreme treatments. What is the “magic” behind such comfortable, affordable, convenient care? Digital Dental x-rays!

Digital X-rays at Dental Oasis of Orange County

The valued individuals and families that we partner with from throughout our slice of southern California trust our expertise in diagnosing the underlying source of their symptoms. Our dedicated team in Huntington Beach is aided in accurately and proactively detecting oral problems by technologies. 

What cannot be seen or felt by touch during periodic exams can be revealed with radiographs or digital x-rays. Many oral problems do not cause symptoms until they have progressed and caused damage. So, it is not uncommon for patients to think their mouths are fine because they haven’t noticed any troubling changes. 

Advanced digital dental imaging reveals even the earliest stage of enamel erosion or inflammation of the periodontal tissues. Furthermore, these technologies produce very detailed pictures of very small structures. Damage to the innermost tooth structure (dental pulp), pre-cancers, cysts, malignant tumors, deep periodontal damage, and other abnormalities can remain “hidden” and might otherwise go undetected without such diagnostic capabilities. And many oral conditions can negatively affect the quality of your life and present major obstacles not only to the health of your smile. But also to the health of your entire “system.”

Speaking of health, conventional radiography is safe and associated with low-level radiation; however, modern dental practices also have within arm’s reach digital alternatives to traditional film-based x-rays. 

These digital x-rays are associated with up to 90% less radiation exposure than conventional systems. Furthermore, the digital process quickly produces clear images of oral structures and tissues. These images can be viewed right away. Such approaches support the most convenient, comfortable, safe, and efficient experience at Dental Oasis of Orange County. X-rays produced within a digital environment and processes are also a sustainable solution, eliminating the waste produced with traditional film x-ray methods. 

Of course, as with all diagnostic and therapeutic services available at our office in Huntington Beach, California, we ensure our team members are properly trained and equipped to provide the safest and most positive experience possible. Safeguards and protocols are in place to ensure that the process of diagnosing the underlying cause of any problems is predictable, accurate, and can be trusted. After all, this information will be accounted for when developing treatment plans. 

Questions or concerns? We welcome them! Call (714) 312-7714. You can also request an appointment from this website. Depending on your needs, we may recommend a full-mouth series of x-rays. Or, limited x-rays may be taken during your recall, 6-month check-ups.