A guide to dental check-ups: What to expect from periodic exams and cleanings

Let Dental Oasis of Orange County be your refuge for relaxing, high-quality, and authentically caring dentistry. Our compassionate dentists and team are passionate about the technical aspects of dentistry and, moreover, about partnering with individuals in Huntington Beach, California, and beyond to maintain, sustain, and restore their healthiest, most stunning smiles. 

True partnerships between dentist and patient are built on regular contact via routine dental exams and cleanings. Our evaluations and cleanings require special training, expertise, and tools. So, it is an absolute must that these services accompany your excellent oral hygiene routine at home. 

Exams: What to expect

Generally, one of our dentists will want to examine the condition and function of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues at least once every six months. Patients who are at risk of developing conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancers will need to visit us more frequently for evaluation. That way, we can stay on top and quickly intervene with problems at their earliest stages when they are easiest to successfully and conservatively treat. 

Our dentists use their know-how to look for any abnormalities, ranging from gingival inflammation and pre-cancerous lesions to dental decay and TMJ Dysfunction. Periodically, it will be necessary to use diagnostic technologies, such as X-rays, to see what cannot be detected with the naked eye; for instance, to pinpoint “hidden” areas of decay. 

Exams also provide an opportunity for us to check on the condition of existing fillings, crowns, and other dental restorations. We can assure you that oral appliances, like mouthguards and nightguards, are in excellent working order. Additionally, our doctors are happy to discuss and apply (as needed) dental sealants and other professional offerings to protect the mouth that are only available at your trusted dentist’s office.

Cleanings: What to expect

As unpleasant as it sounds, plaque is constantly forming on your teeth. You can help to manage and limit the amount of plaque build-up by removing this sticky bacterial film with consistent brushing and flossing techniques. However, even those patients who have “mastered” the art of brushing and flossing cannot possibly remove all dental plaque. As the plaque builds up on the teeth, it hardens into tartar or “calculus.” Plaque and tartar erode the teeth and break down the attachments between the gums and teeth. 

Once hardened, plaque can only be removed by trained professionals like our Registered Dental Hygienists. Our team also has the right instruments to gently and carefully remove lingering food debris, bacteria, plaque, calculus, and even surface stains. In doing so, they promote your most attractive smile, along with a happy and well-functioning mouth! 

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