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Dental Oasis’ staff cares about their clients and are accessible and friendly. I have been going to this dentist for over 5 years, they are out of network but entirely worth it. Oh yes, Dr. Toorani and Din are awesome!

Amy S.


As an old guy with lousy teeth, the doc and his team are the best. Not only do they maintain,
they do it in a cost effective way…..bravo….bravo.

Jon G.


Beyond the best experience ever. The fact my 7 year old drama queen daughter was upset, to leave the office, made my year! The entire staff is amazing, the facility made me feel like i was at the Ritz, and gentle hands off all make my daughter ready to go back. As a mother, it is sure nice to not have to drag your kid to the dentist. So glad I found you!
Keep on amazing me! Your staff have been so amazing. Mamas turn for dental work, and it went perfect. No pain. Love it!

Lesle L.


So I found this little gem with the help of my trusty yelp app, because I hadn’t seen a dentist in a while. Let me just say, I was not steered wrong.

This place is wonderful!

My experience started with a delightful phone conversation with the receptionist who took my appointment.

Then it was followed by a personal phone call from Dr. Toorani himself, explaining how he was looking forward to us meeting at our dental visit. (Nice touch by the way)

So we show up to our appointment, and was equally impressed by their facility. Beautifully decorated to where it makes you feel like your relaxing on the beach. (which is a big improvement from old-school dentist offices).

Both the dental hygienists that my husband and I had were great, very gentle and sweet. Dr. Toorani was fantastic! He has a great “bedside manner” (if you call it that for dentists). He was very thorough, professional and made you feel like he really cared.

The office was located within Bella Terra, on the second level. I parked near Bank of America and walked toward Bella Terra. Pretty easy to find.

I highly recommend Dr. Toorani and his staff.

Stephanie R.


I am thrilled that I found a wonderful dentist in Dr. Toorani and his team.

The office is aptly named. It really does look like a spa and is full of the latest gadgets in dentistry. It is located in the Bella Terra shopping center upstairs next to Bed, Bath & Beyond and right next to a Cost Plus. The location is easy to get in and out of and there is a parking garage if you are trying to avoid the often crowded parking lot.

Dr. Toorani is working on closing my open bite and alleviating some of my jaw pain so that I can avoid jaw surgery.

He is honest, fair and friendly. I would highly recommend Dental Oasis of Orange County to anyone in the market for a new dentist.

Liz And Ryan H.


Best Dentist ever!!! They work with your schedule and always try to make room if you need a weird appointment time. I’m still going here even though I now live an hour away.

Geoff D.


My family have been patients of Dr. Toorani for over fifteen years and I am so grateful to have found him. He and his staff are amazing, not to mention his state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. I just had a procedure done on a painful broken tooth where they worked me into their schedule on their lunch hour. Thank you Dr. Toorani and staff!

Jeanne L.


I was referred by a coworker and I highly recommend this place. Dr. ?Toorani and his staff are great. I did not have health/dental insurance for 5 years and they are doing everything they can to get me back to healthy teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Robert K.


I have been recommending Dr. Toorani to anyone that asks me for a good dentist in Orange County. About as pain-free as dental work gets and has a friendly staff. Nice office and new equipment! Highly recommend Dr. Toorani!

Matthew H.


I’ve been a Dental Oasis patient since Dr. Toorani’s practice began in Huntington Beach and my experiences have been uniformly excellent. Today’s appointment for hygiene and exam was no exception.

Sam C.


Love this dental office. Dr. Toorani is a great dude and is really on top of his game when it comes to cutting edge. The hygienists have all been great as well. They provide a good cleaning while not making your gums pay for it. My insurance just switched, so I no longer have 100% coverage at this office. However, I like Dental Oasis so much, I have chosen to pay out of pocket just to stay here.

Bob K.


If you are looking for a dental office with the latest technologies available in dentistry, i recommend this place. It’s nothing like any other dental office. They don’t have you wait in the lobby with the rest of the people, matter of fact, they schedule one patient at a time, so it’s nice to have the doctor all to yourself, focusing on providing the highest quality a dental office can provide above all else!

Cathy A.


I am a new patient of Dental Oasis of Orange County. ?Dr. Toorani and his entire staff immediately made me feel welcome and at home. ?His office is designed to feel like a real “Tropical Oasis” with a spa-like feel. ?In every room you can put the big screen TV on with an Hawaiian Island relaxation DVD, or a regular TV show. ?Ohhhhhhh… and by the way… Dr. Toorani is a “Dental Geek”! He is on the cutting edge of the latest technology including getting a crown on ONE VISIT!!! ?(Get it?? ?No more temporaries!!) ?I was been recommended by my friends at work who have been telling me to switch for awhile now. ?Do yourself a favor… don’t delay! ?Schedule your next cleaning and checkup at Dental Oasis! ?You’ll be glad that you did… (Just like I am!) ?DENTAL OASIS OF ORANGE COUNTY ROCKS!!

Debra C.


What an awesome experience! I was greeted with smiles from every one of the team members! For those who hate going to the dentist, you have to try this office. Coffee, water; both room temp and cold, snacks, etc… at the front office. The bathroom is clean and freshly stocked with toothbrushes and mouth wash. The front office lady named Shannon greeted me and gave me a tour of their facility. Seriously?!? A tour of your dental office? What a great touch! Of course Dr. Toorani is awesome. He is so knowledgeable and knew what my pain points were before I even told him. Dr. Dinh was so genuinely sweet and caring as well. There was soothing island music and scenes from various islands on the television the entire time. It was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep.;) My final touch point was with Linda the hygienist. She was very thorough and focused, but also mixed in some comedy. The cleaning was fast and pain free. That’s not all! My birthday was two days from my visit to the Dental Oasis office and guess what? They remembered and had a treat bag with a birthday card for me signed by the entire team. It really made my day. The vision statement that they have in the front office is spot on! Thanks Dental Oasis!

Debra T.


I’ve been a Dental Oasis patient since Dr. Toorani’s practice began in Huntington Beach and my experiences have been uniformly excellent. Today’s appointment for hygiene and exam was no exception.

Sam C.


Thank you Dr.Toorani and staff for the wonderful experience at the Dental Oasis! All my expectations were met and exceeded! I would highly recommend this office!

Chelsea S.


Dr. Toorani has been our family dentist for over 20 years. He has the latest equipment which makes everything from cleanings to crowns a more pleasurable experience (it’s all relative, you’re still at the dentist  ). I think that the best accolade is that I’m still with him after all these years.

Stan W.


Dr. Toorani and his staff are well-informed professionally and responsive to patient concerns and needs. They do a great job of explaining problems and treatment options as well.

Sam C.


I have been a patient of Dr. Brian Toorani for 10 years! ?I live 1 hr and 30 mins away and never think twice when I visit his office. The reason why I make the long trek is because Dr. Toorani and his staff is the best I’ve ever experienced. The dental work is great and long lasting and the personal attention this office gives is on a class of it’s own. I always feel welcome and loved when I visit their office.
I highly recommend Dental Oasis of Orange County.

Sandra S.


So after having horrible customer service at my last dental office, I took a chance on this little hidden jewel, upstairs next to my yoga studio. First of all it was one of the few dental locations that actually had brochures outside of the office nicely and neatly displayed for us early birds.

After being most impressed by the brochures for Dental Oasis and the sloughs of dental services they offered; I took a chance and called them right away to make an appointment. From the moment I spoke to Randi (front office manager) I knew I would be a patient for life.

Randi was so pleasant, professional, and very accommodating. Originally, I was going to have an appointment scheduled for the end of October, but Randi offered to call me sooner if there was an opening in Dr. Toorani’s schedule. Randi easily navigated me to their website where I was able to download all the new patient forms and she said she would keep me posted. Literally not even a week went by before Randi called me with an opening. To my surprise the day before my appointment Dr. Toorani himself actually called to introduce himself and actually get to know me and welcome me to his practice.

When I actually showed up to my appointment I WAS BLOWN AWAY. The dental office is gorgeous, inviting, warm, very cozy and CLEAN. I felt like I was at the spa. I could even brew my own cup of Keurig coffee if I wanted or help myself to a cold beverage in their cooling fridge (and that was just in the front waiting room). The offices were also super high tech. Everything there is digital and state of the art. Even their sinks were hands free.

I didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes before I was greeted by my hygienist; what a doll. She received me with the biggest Colgate smile, crisp white lab coat, and her ear piece. I jokingly called her the secret service of the dental clinic because she had an earpiece that allowed her to speak to her coworkers with her “inside voice.” How cool is that. Heather was not only knowledgeable, but she was very gentle. I felt at ease while she was cleaning my teeth and she also brushed up on some of my dental treatment options.

And of course the piez de resistance was Dr. Toorani himself. Just as much a pleasure and joy to meet him in person as over the phone. He too was extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in detail to me. He used terminology that I could understand and answered all my questions honestly. He has the best bedside manners I have ever seen in a physician. Not only that but he is super generous and philanthropic and eco-friendly! The fact that my x rays were taken in the examination room and digitally, Dr. Toorani was able to pull up my dental images right away and went through them thoroughly on the flat screen t.v. in front of me. Again, since everything is digital he ever offered to email or forward my images via email for a second opnion as well…..WOW!

After my appointment was complete, I met with Randi again. She had a better understand of my explanation of benefits than even me and was so helpful in discussing payment options, care credits, and even special promotions the clinic had going on. I left the clinic with a big clean smile on my face and a nice new crisp t-shirt, just for my patronage.

I cant rave enough about this clinic and the team and could go on and on about how impressed I was by them. So If you give them a chance you will see that they will “Have You At Hello” too.

Nina O.


By far, the most caring office I’ve seen, they make going to the dentist actually comfortable and joyous. Dr. T is an amazing person. I’ve had a few dental emergencies and they’ve gotten me in right away. It’s a must go for dental offices for the best technological equipment and wonderfully caring people.

Gary P.


If I could, ?I would give them 10 stars!!! let me just start by saying how AWESOME Dr Toorani and his crew are. It is rare to find people who love what they do, and Dr. Tooranni and his crew are amazing !!!!

So I have been going to Dr Brian Toorani on and off for the past 10 years now, mostly on. Unfortunately, the past 3 years I had to change my dentist because of insurance reasons:(.

Last week I had broken my crown and the tooth right at the base of my gum line. Ouch!!! My dentist who I was seeing and who will remain nameless, immediately wanted to take my root out and stick a rod in my mouth and implant a tooth. This sounded too invasive and sounded expensive.

So I decided to visit my old dentist Dr. Tooranni, to see what his thoughts were on the situation. He had a totally different plan that seemed soo much more reasonable and so much less invasive!

It involved lasering around my gum line and extending my root and then adding another crown to it. He said he was going to save my root. Now that seemed like a procedure that I would be happy with. On my first consultation I was told the procedure would take 2 visits, but since Dr. Tooranni it sooo Awesome, and the procedure was going so well he did it all in one visit !!!! He carefully cut around my gum line then added some length to my root and has a machine that makes your permanent crown in less than an hour!!! How is that for service!!

Dr. Tooranni is an amazing Dentist!!!!! He saved my tooth and my pocket book. Not only is Dr. Toorani great with me but he is amazing with my little boy who is only 4.

Thank you Dr.Toorani and crew for being so Awesome!!!

Michelle C.


Had a great first experience at Dental Oasis. The staff was very friendly and professional and made me feel very comfortable. The office is very impressive, beautiful and modern. I would definitely recommend Dental Oasis to anyone.

Eric M.


We love Dental Oasis. Dr Toorani and staff are awesome.? If you’re looking for a dental office try Dental Oasis and you won’t regret it.

Trisha S.


I believe my reviews are fare when I write them and I don’t believe in changing them. This would discredit my reviews. I would however like to share a story about great customer service and how a business owner can make all the difference in a customers experience.

After writing what I would call a fare but not so flattering review of Dental oasis I received a call about a week or so later from Dr.Toorani himself, He was concerned about my negative experience and wanted the opportunity to give me a better experience. At no time did he ask me to change my star review. He apologized for the unpleasant experience and asked me to give them one more try. As I stated in my first review Dr. Toorani is five stars, and I took him up on the offer. I had my appointment yesterday with him and from beginning to end the experience was excellent. I cant really say any negative comments. During the procedure the doctor and his staff explained what they where doing and more importantly why they where doing it.

I hate when Doctors talk to there assistance like your not there and that was not the case at this office on this experience, the front office was also very polite and helpful. So my final review of dental oasis would be five stars. Five stars for there d?cor and cleanliness, for the professionalism and excellent oral care and explanation, and more importantly there customer service from Dr.Toorani. In a sellers market where everyone is trying to save a buck and squeeze a penny I commend them for a commitment ?to great customer service which you can find written literally on there waiting room wall.

Ryan C.


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Toorani’s for over 10 years now, though I did recently have a 5-year lapse between visits. His office used to be located in Fountain Valley but a few years ago opened a brand new office in the Bella Terra center in Huntington Beach.

I finally got on the phone and scheduled a cleaning and was able to get a next-day appointment. The new office is amazing! It looks more like a spa than any kind of medical/dental office and was super relaxing and tranquil with nice lighting, decor and music. Everything there looks new and modern, including the huge flat-screen tv’s in the procedure rooms. I opted not to watch tv, but instead kept the slideshow of waves crashing on tropical beaches. The girls at the front desk were welcoming and friendly and it was a very pleasant experience which is unusual to say about a dentist’s office, and the staff at this office goes above and beyond, and is fully deserving of praise.

I’m a person who has always been anxious about going to dentists, orthodontists and basically anything involving teeth, but Dr. Toorani has always been phenomenal at putting patients at ease. I’ve had a lot of work done by Dr. Toorani, from x-rays to fillings to 6 brand new crowns/veneers and he’s always done a fantastic job and I’ve been very happy there. Even getting x-rays done at the new location was much easier than ever before, with the machine right in the same room you get your teeth cleaned.

Unfortunately I have a huge cavity beneath a filling so a follow-up appointment in a few weeks is happening to get that handled, so I may be back for a follow-up review on that procedure at the new office.

Jennifer M.


Just had me and my wife’s appointment with dental oasis and we are very pleased with our experience. First , we have been to many good dentist and not very good dentist. My wife over time has a fear of even being in a dentist with the sounds and the smells of them. From the beginning we were treated with professionalism and respect that gave us confidence even before we were put in the chair. The whole staff was kind but thorough and we never had a question as to what they were doing at all since they explained it all as we went along. Dr. Toorani gave us first rate care and we are so happy to finally find an office that treats everyone with kindness and care. I will have more work done in the future but for now this is my place for dental care.

T M.


This is the best Dentist I have ever been to and I have been to a lot over the years. I hated dentist and the pain involved with going to one, but that all changed with my first visit. I needed some major work done due to years of neglect. In a matter of a few painless visits I was back on the right track. They made it easy, painless, and affordable.

David S.


I’ve been going to this office for almost 20 years. My family heard about this place from my kindergarten teacher. Her husband, Dr. Kishi, was a dentist here many years ago. Now the dentists on staff are Dr. Ota and Dr. Toorani. They are both wonderful and so good at what they do. ?The primary dentist is Dr. Toorani, as I believe Dr. Ota is planning to retire soon.

The office staff is always friendly and helpful. I have never had a negative experience with anyone. They have appointments available at all times, even as early as 7am. The hygienists are all great. The last girl who cleaned my teeth even gave me a hot pink toothbrush and bubblegum flavored floss 

I’ve always been lucky in regards to my teeth. Only one cavity, when I was 13. Nothing since (I’m 24 now). So I can’t say much in regards to things such as fillings, root canals, and all that unfun stuff, but my dad has been through that and he’s had no complaints. The cool thing is that Dr. Toorani will usually call his patients at home to check on them after a procedure like that. They even send out little birthday postcards when it’s your special day. It’s the little things that count here, such great service. Dr. Toorani is easy to talk to and speaks to his patients like they’re friends, none of that technical dental talk here. It’s a very calming and professional place. Yay, I never dread going to the dentist!

Kira B.


Actually was referred to Dr. Toorani and the awesome staff, by a former employee, who even though went to a different dentist office to work, stated how professional, state of the art, high quality, Dr. Toorani and the entire staff perfoms. ?What sold me was the photos taken of her son’s fillings, before and after…I have had extensive work, crowns done….and at first….you know you could find cheaper work…but not with the quality and expertise of this office and these professionals.

I had a root canal 15 years ago…and the moment the crown went on…I had a dull nagging issue with this tooth….today in the office….one visit….I had two crowns made in the office and I feel so much better!! I honestly thought this was apart of having a root canal and didn’t realize how great and solid his work is.

So…if you want a crown or filling guaranteed for 6 years….you get what you pay for…go check it out…besides having a super great personality, you will love the perfectionism of Dr. Toorani and his staff…….!!!!

Cathy M.


Dr. Toorani is the BEST dentist I’ve ever seen! ?Not only is his office gorgeous, but he is the most caring dentist I’ve been to (and I’ve faithfully seen dentists every year since I was 5!) ?He always explains what he’s going to do, and he takes the time to answer any questions. ?I’ve never felt rushed, and his staff is also very caring. ?The even have TVs that you can watch while lying down! I highly recommend Dr. Toorani!!!

Alexis L.


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