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Scared of drills? With the Waterlase MD treatment offered by Dental Oasis, you won't have to be afraid any longer.

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Dental Oasis of Orange County utilizes the latest laser dentistry technology in our dentist office.

Are you worried that your next dental visit for tooth repair will be full of pain? Do you cringe at the sight of a drill? Then Waterlase laser treatment is for you! With Waterlase laser dentistry, there is no need for numbing pain medication, there is no heat from drills, and no brain-rattling vibrations. Waterlase laser dentistry is completely pain-free and is more convenient and safer than dentistry involving drills.

We are proud to say that we are one of the few Huntington Beach dentists that offer Waterlase laser dentistry to our patients. Unlike drills, Waterlase does not irritate gums or skin and is more precise than a scalpel. Waterlase works by spraying atomized water and laser energy at your tooth. This process cleans the tooth in a natural and painless way. Waterlase achieves this without the usual scraping of teeth that irritates gums and makes them bleed. Waterlase laser dentistry is the most comfortable form of conventional dentistry in existence.

Waterlase is more convenient than other dentistry because it gets you in and out of the dentist’s office faster than traditional dental tools. This gives you more time for other procedures that you would not have had time for with traditional dental methods. Waterlase laser dentistry also allows your dentist to perform tasks that used to require a periodontist (a gum specialist), endodontist (a tooth pulp specialist),and other specialists. By using Waterlase, Dental Oasis of OC is saving you time and money!

Waterlase utilizes precise laser technology that can target tooth decay without harming the healthy tissue surrounding the affected area. Old-fashioned drills could crack healthy teeth, but Waterlase treatment won’t do that because it’s gentler and more precise. As a cold cutting laser, Waterlase is the safest form of dentistry available. It’s safe for anyone from small children to the elderly, because it does not require the use of pain medication. This is very important, since it is best to avoid the heavy use of anesthetics and other medications for young children and the elderly.

Before using Waterlase, your Huntington Beach dentist will put a dye on your tooth that reveals tooth decays. This dye is easily viewed by the naked eye and shows much more decay than the human eye alone could process. This allows your dentist to use the Waterlase laser to remove any plaque and decay while leaving the rest of your tooth untouched.

If you have fears of the dentist and can’t stand drills you should come into Dental Oasis of OC, your local Huntington Beach dentist, and ask about Waterlase. It’s the quickest, safest form of dentistry around. With Waterlase laser dentistry, you can be in and out of the dentist’s office in no time. Dental Oasis of Orange County is proud to use Waterlase laser technology at our Huntington Beach dental office.

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