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Dental Oasis offers digital imaging technology to let you see what your teeth will look like after any procedure.

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With people becoming more and more used to digital imagingDental Oasis of OC has found that it is beneficial to our patients to provide them with digital imaging services. With our digital imaging before and after service, Huntington Beach dental patients can see what their teeth will look like after a procedure without an exam! Along with our intraoral photo service, Dental Oasis of OC offers top of the line dental digital imaging care.

Dental Oasis of OC’s digital imaging for before and after photos is a straightforward process. We take a photo of our patient’s smile, or they provide us with a photo. Dr. Brain Toorani will alter the photo to show the patient what their smile will look like after the procedure they requested. This way, patients will know how the dental care we provide will affect their smile. If you’re wondering what your smile will look like if you have crowns on your front teeth, we can provide an image that portrays our prediction of the results. If you’re thinking about getting your teeth bleached, we can show you what your teeth will look like after you’ve completed the bleaching process. Not sure if Invisalign is your thing? Let us prove to you how amazing your smile will look after treatment.

When you do decide to come into our Huntington Beach dental office, we can keep you up to date with our intraoral photography. Our intraoral cameras are so small that we can work on your teeth and take photos at the same time. Dental Oasis of OC can show you that cavity you’re feeling all the way in the back of your mouth. We won’t tell you that you’ll need surgery without showing you why you need it, using our intraoral camera. Wouldn’t it be nice if every Orange County dentist were as informative with you as we are?

Come into our Huntington Beach dental office, and Dental Oasis of OC will show you why you need a bridge or dentures with our intraoral camera before we do any dental work. We can show you what your smile will look like to make sure you are 100% satisfied before you commit to any procedure. Our goal is to make sure that our patients are the most satisfied and happiest in all of Orange County.

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