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For a More Stable, Comfortable Solution To Missing Teeth

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Dental Oasis of Orange County Provides Implant-Supported Dentures To Huntington Beach Residents!

At Dental Oasis of Orange County, we are more than a dentist’s office – we love to see you smile. We offer long-term solutions to get the function of your smile back.

Dr. Brian Toorani, a graduate of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, utilizes the latest dental technology to give each patient the best experience and the best results. We take a patient-based approach to restorative and cosmetic dentistry truly helps us stand out from the rest. With incredible services such as implant-supported overdenture, our dental implant treatment will give you the full, beautiful smile you deserve.

Implant-supported overdentures allow patients to have a more secure fitment for their existing denture. With traditional dentures, they can start to loosen and not fit as well as it used to. With the use of dental implants to stabilize the denture, patients have more freedom and less worry about their artificial teeth.

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What To Expect From Implant-Supported Overdentures?

You may be wondering if getting dental implants as a way to stabilize your dentures is right for you, or what is involved with the process.

The first step is setting up a consultation with Dr. Toorani to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Because wearing dentures for an extended period can erode the jawbone, the conditions aren’t always ideal for placing the dental implants.

We will take digital x-rays, as well as do an examination to find out if this is a good treatment option for you. There are options for patients that have significant bone loss, such as a bone graft, to help make conditions more favorable for successful implants.

During the procedure, Dr. Toorani will place 2 to 4 implants in the arch to help support your denture. The denture can be placed on the same day so that patients can walk out with a beautiful, complete smile.

Are Implant-Supported Overdentures Right For You?

When you have missing teeth, regardless of the reason, Dental Oasis of Orange County understands that you want a non-invasive and pain-free experience to restore your smile. For those that currently use dentures as a solution to missing teeth, you may desire a better fitment, that is more secure. You may also want the ability to increase their bite, to allow for more diverse eating. Dental implants are preferable for most patients, and with Dr. Toorani, we can offer the latest technology of Straumann dental implants. With Implant-Supported Overdentures, Dr. Toorani will install two or three dental implants to support your current denture.

Straumann dental implants are two-piece replacements for lost, broken, or diseased teeth. The dental implant has a titanium screw acts as a root and a ceramic crown, also made from biocompatible metal, that is placed in the place of a missing tooth to help complete your smile. Instead of dental implants with a bridge, crown, or implant-supported denture, patient’s will have their current denture modified to attach to the dental implants. This will give you a more secure, comfortable fit while giving you the freedom to enjoy more foods. Check out some of the great benefits of having implant-supported overdenture versus your current denture.

  • Better Comfort
  • A More Natural Look
  • No Messy Glue or Slipping Out
  • A permanent solution for Multiple Missing Teeth
  • Implants Can Last A Lifetime; Denture Replaced After 15 years
  • More Secure
  • Prevent Additional Bone Loss

Do You Desire More From Your Dentures?

Dentures are the most cost-effective solution to replacing whole arches. For this reason, many of our patients have chosen this as their replacement option. However, after a few years, they grow tired of the day in and day out of putting the dentures in, and the stress and worry they may fall out. The bottom arch can become uncomfortable, and require many refits over ten years.

At Dental Oasis of Orange County, we understand the frustration our patients feel out their dentures. In addition to the worry that they may slip or come out unexpectedly, there is another concern. Bone loss will happen with consistent use of dentures. Because they ride directly on the gum line, bone loss is inevitable. When the jaw bone wears done, it will make dental implants more complicated to place, thus giving patients fewer options for more permanent replacements. However, having implant-supported overdentures installed can save you from further loss to your jawbone. This is why it is essential to consider your options and see Dr. Toorani for the possibility of implant placement.

You don’t have to continue to use glues to keep teeth in place, worry they will fall out, or say no to your favorite food because of a weak bite. With implant-supported dentures, you will have a completely different outlook on your smile. When you want a better solution to your traditional dentures and an award-winning smile, do not take shortcuts – visit Dental Oasis of Orange County first.


Get A More Comfortable Fitting Denture, With The Help Of Implants

Dental implants are indeed the most natural, and most comfortable, a solution to replacing missing teeth and completing your smile. Imagine never having to worry about your denture slipping out while out for dinner with friends and family, or being able to order the foods you haven’t been able to eat since you’ve had your teeth replaced. With implant-supported overdenture, you can regain the freedom, have increased comfort, and more importantly prevent further bone loss.

Many of our patients that are interested in getting dental implants assume that there will need to be new teeth made. This is a concern that the cost may be more than they would like to spend. But with the implant-supported overdenture, it is more affordable than you might think because the restoration piece is already made. We use your existing denture and attach to the implants. With all the great benefits denture stabilization, it is clear to see why more and more of our patients are choosing this option for their teeth replacement option.

Implant-supported overdentures are the preferred option, over traditional dentures. They last much longer and there is little to no risk that there will be slipping or movement if you want to know more about dental implants, contact.Dr. Brian Toorani at (714) 894-7700.

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What Our Patients Have Been Saying

Sometimes it’s great to hear from those that have gone through the experience before. Every patient we have helped have loved their results. Take a look at what a few of our patients have said about their personal experience.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Brian Toorani for 10 years! The dental work is great and long lasting and the personal attention this office gives is on a class of it’s own. I always feel welcome and loved when I visit their office.”

Sandra S.
Review from, Yelp

“Had a great first experience at Dental Oasis. The staff was very friendly and professional and made me feel very comfortable. The office is very impressive, beautiful and modern. I would definitely recommend Dental Oasis to anyone.”

Eric M.
Review from, Yelp

“Without reservation, I have found THE BEST Dentist in the world! He is gentle, kind, detailed in his work, passionate, and loves his patients. My 11-year-old son came with me on one of my surgery check ups and can’t wait to come back to see him as a patient on his next cleaning!”

Kim M.
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Our Guarantee To Our Patients

At the Dental Oasis of Orange County, we stand by our work. Using the latest technology to give each patient the best results, we understand that you want to choose the best dentist for you – one that will deliver on their promise of outstanding results. Dr. Toorani has years of experience with dental implants, and the use of implant-supported dentures. Together with innovative techniques, we guarantee you will love the results.

When you work with Dr. Toorani, you will be treated as a priority, and your treatment will be given the best care. Open communication and honesty are priorities, and Dr. Toorani keeps each patient informed every step of the way. From health conditions and recommendations to agreed-upon treatment options, a patient will never be out of the loop. When you choose a dental implant treatment at the Dental Oasis of Orange County, you select the best alternative to traditional dentures.


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Our restorative dental implant treatment, implant-supported overdentures is truly unique in that we use the latest technology and techniques to make sure you love your smile. We care about every smile, and we want to do everything we can do to make yours beautiful and complete.

We work to understand each individual situation and know that no two patients are the same. With implant-supported overdentures, We can complete your smile and help you regain your confidence. Call Dental Oasis of Orange County today at (714) 894-7700 or use our convenient request an appointment online to schedule your first consultation.

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