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When to Visit Your Emergency Dentisty for Help?

If you get into an accident that causes oral trauma, the first place you may be tempted to stop by is the emergency room since they are open 24/7. The only problem is that the ER may not provide a permanent solution to your dental issue. Instead, they may just give you an analgesic and tell you to contact your dentist as soon as possible. In short, you may have to foot the bill for both the ER and dentist, when you could just pay for one.

Thankfully, at the Dental Oasis of Orange County, Brian Toorani, DDS and his team are able to provide emergency dental care should you need it. Dr. Toorani–a graduate from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry–not only is willing to see existing patients for emergencies but new ones as well.

While it’s good to know that you can just visit your dentist instead of the ER, you may be wondering what constitutes an emergency?

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Common Dental Emergencies That You Could Face

You may be hesitant to call your dentist in the middle of the night for fear that your problem really isn’t an issue. However, waiting around may be just as detrimental since some trauma needs to be addressed as quickly as possible to increase the likelihood of a full restoration.

Some of the most common dental emergencies include:

  • Severe pain/swelling in gums or lips that can’t be resolved with analgesics.
  • Moderate or severe fractures to your enamel or pulp (the live tissues of the tooth).
  • Tooth avulsion.
  • Injured or dislocated jaw.
  • Cuts in the gums, lips, or cheeks after a fracture for instance.
  • If the oral cavity has been lacerated or won’t stop bleeding, you may need to stop by the ER as well.

If your issue is a borderline emergency, it’s best to just call and ask your dentist what to do. For instance, if you’ve lost a bridgecrown, or filling, some dentists may have you come in while others may have you wait until the next day if there is no pain or additional trauma.


Dental Issues That Can Wait

  • A mild toothache.
  • A small crack or chip in the enamel that isn’t causing pain or that hasn’t damaged underlying structures.
  • A broken night guard or a damaged retainer.
  • An orthodontic appliance breakage that can be covered temporarily with wax.

What Should I Do If I Lose a Tooth or Have Oral Trauma?

Go To The Dentist As Soon As Possible

There are some things you can do in the interim to get relief and prevent further damage.

For instance, for a completely knocked-out tooth, you should be sure to:

  1. Try to find the tooth.
  2. Pick it up by the crown. Avoid touching the root.
  3. Rinse it under cold water for about 10 seconds if it is dirty.
  4. Try to insert it back into its socket if possible. Bite lightly down on either gauze or a washcloth to keep it in place.
  5. Get to the dentist ASAP.
If The Tooth Doesn't Go Into It's Socket

Be sure to put it in a glass of milk or inside of your mouth between your cheeks and teeth (be careful not to swallow! Transporting it in either milk or saliva will preserve the tooth root so your dentist can reinsert it). And even if you didn’t lose your entire tooth (e.g. broken or chipped) try to gather as much of it as you can to bring to the dentist.

For a severe toothache, be sure to:

  1. Rinse your mouth out with warm water and salt. Gargling with this mix can reduce inflammation.
  2. Create an ice pack to reduce any swelling.
  3. Take an analgesic for your pain.
  4. Get to the dentist ASAP.
Carefully Floss The Achy Tooth

Your toothache may actually be caused by debris that got dislodged between teeth or in the gum tissue. And while your dentist will do everything in his or her power to save your tooth, a severe toothache may need to be fixed with an extraction. Especially if it is the result of severe gum disease, infection, or fractures.

If gargling with warm salt water or taking an oral analgesic doesn’t help with your pain, there are some other methods you can use in a pinch:

1. You can soak a q-tip or a cotton ball in peppermint or vanilla extract and dab the tooth.
2. You can gargle either tea tree oil, nutmeg oil, clove oil, or oregano oil.
3. You can take a ginger root capsule. Ginger can stop inflammation and pain, and it has antibacterial properties.


Call Our Emergency Dentist First Before Coming In

For serious pain and injuries inside of your mouth (such as lacerations and puncture wounds), be sure to rinse your mouth with warm water right away and go to the ER ASAP. Be sure to place gauze and pressure on a wound that won’t stop bleeding. You may need to see a dentist as well after you are stitched up at the ER, especially if there was trauma to your teeth or jaw.

While Doctor Toorani can see walk-in patients, it’s best if you try to call before coming in. That way, the staff can make the necessary preparations before you arrive. A phone call may save you a trip if the dentist says the issue can wait or that you need to head to the ER first.

If you are in so much pain that you have been taking lots of painkillers, make sure you tell your dentist what you’ve been taking so you don’t accidentally have side effects or overdose.

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Our Guarantee to You

We know it can be difficult visiting the dentist for something like a missing tooth. At times patients aren’t thrilled with discussing imperfections with their smile, because it makes them feel self-conscious. But let us reassure you, we aren’t here to judge, only to correct the problem. We guarantee that no matter which option you select, or we find is the best fit for you, that you will be happy no longer having a gap in your smile.


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