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One of the most common ways to fix tooth trauma or decay is with a filling, which restores a tooth?s structure with synthetic materials. Tooth decay–also known as dental caries or cavities–is quite common since plaque, a colorless film of bacteria, can survive and feed on acids from food remnants. If plaque is not cleaned off with regular brushing, then it can wear away enamel and cause minute holes in a tooth?s outer structure. However, if a dentist cleans and drills away decaying areas of enamel and covers them with a filling, a patient will be able to maintain the structural integrity of their teeth.

It only takes one appointment at the Dental Oasis Of Orange County to place fillings, and there are many materials to choose from, such as composite, silver, gold, and ceramic. Each material has its own benefits, so a dentist will work with an individual to see what best meets their price range, aesthetic desires, comfort, and the like. For instance, silver amalgam has been used for over a hundred years and is a strong material that is also reasonably priced. However, composite and ceramic fillings are also very durable and appeal to many patients since they can match a tooth?s natural color.

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If a patient is missing many or all of their teeth, then a dental prosthesis is a great way to improve their appearance, their ability to eat comfortably, and their ability to speak clearly. If a patient is not a good candidate for dental implants, then a good alternative is dentures, or a removable frame that holds the false teeth. First, a dentist will take impressions of a person?s teeth and the surrounding oral tissues. Once molds have been taken, they will be sent to a lab so that a dental technician can create the appliance. Once the dentures are created, another appointment will be needed so the patient can make sure they fit correctly.

There are a few types of dentures to choose from depending on the severity of tooth loss. For instance, if a patient is just missing a few teeth, but has many healthy ones in place, then a partial denture can fill in any gaps. Unlike bridges, partial appliances can be removed. When the partial denture is in place, then its acrylic base will rest on the gums, while small hooks will latch on to natural teeth to keep them in place.

If a patient has a strong enough jaw bone for implants, then implant dentures are another option as well. This kind of denture snaps into the implant supports, but can be easily removed for maintenance and sleeping.

Lastly, if a patient cannot support implants and is missing all or most teeth, then complete dentures can be used to fix the problem. If any teeth need to be extracted beforehand, then a patient will need to heal for about two to three months before denture placement. Sometimes, temporary dentures can be placed immediately after any teeth are removed so that a patient can still retain oral functioning.

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