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Why Porcelain Veneers May Be a Better Fit for Orange County Patients Than Crowns and Bonding

Porcelain Veneers are wafer-thin pieces of porcelain that are shaped and applied to your teeth to improve their overall appearance.

These shells can transform your smile from stained yellow to beautiful pearly whites.

If you visit Dr. Brian Toorani, a graduate from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and a mentor at the Scottsdale Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, he will ensure that you walk away with beautiful veneers.

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Why Choose Dental Oasis for Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are not easily removed and are a perfect option for anyone wanting to brighten their smile quickly compared to other procedures. Not only are porcelain veneers an excellent alternative to traditional cosmetic dentistry procedures, they are also very easy to maintain: just brush them as if you would brush your teeth now.

Porcelain reflects light in the same manner that your natural teeth do. Each veneer is custom-made to the size and shape of your teeth and the colors are chosen to meld flawlessly with the rest of your smile. Veneers are a great solution for all sorts of cosmetic problems.

For instance, if you had trouble cleaning around orthodontic fixtures, like braces, you may have lots of white spot lesions on your teeth. While some of these decalcified spots can be repaired with topical substances, like MI paste, some are not easily fixed.

Thankfully, veneers can cover up any embarrassing unevenness on your teeth. If your teeth have been discolored because of drugs, like tetracycline, or other harsh chemicals, then veneers can be a godsend for even shades.

Instead of white spots, you may have yellow or even brown spots from habits like smoking or drinking tea. Again, these can easily be covered up.

Besides fixing discoloration, veneers can help those with malocclusions hide defects if they don’t want to go through an entire orthodontic journey. Teeth that have gaps, pitting, chips, or fractures can also be covered with veneers.

Lastly, if you’ve been holding off on fixing imperfections due to sensitive teeth and gums, you should know that gum tissues do much better with porcelain materials than other substances.


What to Expect During the Porcelain Veneer Application Process

Unlike extreme cosmetic procedures, it only takes about two appointments to get fitted with your veneers. When the dentist is ready to apply the veneer, he or she will follow these basic steps:

  • About 1/2 millimeter of tooth enamel will be removed from the surface of your teeth to make room for the veneer.
  • A light-sensitive resin will be applied to the tooth and the veneer will be attached.
  • A special light will be used to harden the bond between the veneer and your tooth.

Even Though It’s a Durable Material, You Still Have to Be Careful

Since you may be covering up stains, you don?t want to repeat the mistake with your veneers. If you consume too much alcohol or use harsh toothpaste brands, the bonding substances on your veneers could soften and stain your teeth. Your dentist can advise you on how much alcohol is too much and which kinds of toothpaste to avoid.

If you tend to bite your nails or other hard objects, you could loosen the veneer adhesive or even chip a porcelain shell. Keep in mind that despite their strength, dental prostheses aren?t going to be as tough as your natural teeth.

If you love physical activity be sure to protect your veneers–as well as your natural teeth–with a mouthguard.

While the application of veneers only takes a couple of visits, you may want to come back to the dentist?s office a few more times for polishing and to make sure you are adjusting to the veneers. Sometimes a veneer will be slightly off, and you might snag floss or feel like a section of the veneer is rubbing the inside of your mouth. If this is the case, you should definitely have your dentist check it out rather than assume it?s normal.



What's the difference between veneers and crowns?

At the Dental Oasis of Orange County, you will can decide between the application of porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns to improve the look of your teeth. These two procedures yield similar results, but the process is slightly different.

Porcelain crowns encase your entire tooth. After your dentist files your teeth down to the ideal width and height, the crown will be put on. This will give a perfect fit for your jaw line and an even stronger fit than the porcelain veneers.

Crowns are believed to be better suited for more serious cases where a patient wants to restore functional use for missing teeth. It is also for those who don?t mind having more of their enamel removed.

If you get veneers, it’s definitely a more conservative route to change your tooth’s appearance. Plus, if you have very healthy teeth, you’re not going to want to shave them down too much, and veneers is very minimal with enamel reduction.

Are porcelain veneers better than cosmetic bonding?

Neither one is better than the other; again, like crowns, cosmetic bonding will be better suited to some people than others due to cost, personal preference, tooth issues, and so on.

Porcelain veneers are much more expensive than resin bonds, but they are highly valued because they must be created in a lab first by an expert ceramist.

Because veneers are customized prostheses, they may look better than bonding which occurs in office.

Plus unlike bonding, veneers may have a little translucency that makes them look more like your natural teeth.


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