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The Benefits Orange County Residents Receive from Using Cerec® Technology for Same-Day Crowns

As a CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) specialist and a mentor for the Scottsdale Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Brian Toorani, of Dental Oasis of Orange County, employs the latest technology for a non-invasive, pain-free procedure to make your smile radiant.

With CEREC® technology, Dr. Toorani can repair and restore your damaged or decaying teeth with same-day crowns. If you’ve never heard of CEREC® before, you may want to learn more about this exciting technology and how it can benefit you.

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How Does CEREC® Technology Work?

CEREC® systems can be used for all sorts of cosmetic procedures, like crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays. The machines use both computer-aided manufacturing or CAM, and computer-aided design, or CAD. Instead of leaving processes up to a lab technician, the CEREC® systems CAD portion uses 3D software and infrared cameras to pick up every little detail of your teeth (this means that you don’t have to wear gross-tasting putty molds).

Then, the CAM portion of the machine contains a milling unit, which plugs in the data from the CAD measurements to carve your crowns from ceramic. These machines are so fast that they can drill through a ceramic block with small burrs and create a perfect crown in less than half an hour! Once the shape is completed, the tooth will be polished and painted to a natural tooth color, then it will be glazed and cured for about ten to fifteen minutes.

This is pretty amazing technology. In fact, the Journal of International Oral Health published a paper last year to assess the efficiency of same-day CAD/CAM to see if this technology will have longevity in the profession. This paper concluded that these machines were better than traditional laboratory procedures; and, it was providing major benefits of not only being quick but being a high-quality treatment. Instead of having to come in for three or four visits, patients would only need one! This also means that patients wouldn’t need to wear temporary crowns, which could be uncomfortable and cause sensitivity in the teeth and gums.


What’s the Same-Day Crown Timeline?

As you can see, the actual process of sculpting the same-day crowns does not take long at all. While your appointment will still be short, you shouldn’t be upset if you aren’t immediately in and out, as there are three other important steps that your dentist will have to complete:

  • The removal of old amalgam fillings.
  • Photographing your teeth to create a 3D model of your teeth in a ceramic block.
  • The installation of the crowns in the respective position and using a special light to harden the bond.

Besides Efficiency, Why Should I Choose Same-Day Crowns with Cerec® Technology?

Traditional, white fillings (made of composite and resin) may give your teeth a natural look, but these fillings are extremely sensitive to hot and cold food and beverages. Since fillings don’t expand and contract with the enamel of your teeth, they are more prone to falling out, which may land you in the dentist’s chair more often than you had planned! Ceramic CEREC® crowns can last eight years or more.

CEREC® also provides a natural-looking and stain-resistant crowning option for anyone with damaged or decaying teeth. Sometimes, traditional crowns may not fit quite as well so you’ll see dark lines running along the gum line. But since CEREC® uses many different shades, they can be colored to your natural color. And because the digital mill is so precise, your bite pattern won’t feel different like it might with traditional crowns.

Lastly, CEREC® crowns don’t use metal amalgam, so you won’t have to worry about any metal allergies. For instance, some people are very sensitive to nickel and develop swelling and itching on their gums. Others may be bothered by a metallic taste in their mouth. Thankfully, CEREC® crowns are made of porcelain, so you won’t even have to worry about these issues.

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Am I a Good Candidate for CEREC® Same-Day Crowns?

As always, you should consult with a dentist in Huntington Beach, CA before committing yourself to a treatment. In fact, you may not need a crown at all and may be able to get something less invasive, like a filling or veneers, instead. Since the main goal is to strengthen the tooth as possible, a dentist won’t recommend you as a candidate if he or she thinks that another treatment is viable–especially since crowns require some teeth to be filed down.

While many people are good candidates for crowns, those with serious conditions, like recent strokes, may need to wait and work closely with both their doctor and dentist. If a medical examination shows that you have a clean bill of health, you probably can proceed, but it’s best to take care of any secondary conditions first so that there aren’t complications.

There are all sorts of issues that could qualify you for same day crowns. For instance, even a smaller problem–like bruxism–may become a bigger issue if you do it involuntarily while you sleep. Some people grind their teeth so much, the only way to actually save them is to use a protective crown. If you’ve had abrasions, trauma, erosion, or failed endodontic treatment, you should bring up the subject of same-day crowns with your dentist. Some teeth are so broken that fillings, onlays, and the like are not viable options. If the tooth is almost completely destroyed, the dentist may actually decide to use a post and core to help the missing tooth structure before placing a crown.

While most candidates have functional damage of some sort, believe it or not, you can get crowns solely for aesthetics. While you may think of other procedures being more cosmetically inclined–like veneers–crowns can be great if you have very unsightly discoloration, fillings, or deformities in your teeth.


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