You deserve “rebuilt teeth” that look like the “real thing,” courtesy of aesthetic, metal-free composite

Dental Oasis of Orange County is your refuge from run-of-the-mill dentistry. We use some of the latest technologies and techniques. Our approach to partnering with individuals from throughout the Huntington Beach, California area is also unhurried, sincere, and non-judgmental. Notably, we provide many alternatives to “traditional” materials and products for many standard dental procedures and services. These alternatives include “white” fillings made from dental composite instead of “silver” fillings made from an amalgam of metals. And why shouldn’t your filling be white? After all, your tooth is naturally some hue of white and not silver or gray. 

Our talented professionals want to rebuild teeth in such a way as to replicate the structure of natural tissues. This approach supports fillings and other dental restorations that are indistinguishable in the smile from the surrounding tooth structure or their natural neighbors. Restorations that optimally “mimic” natural tooth structure are also generally stronger, more durable, and support greater patient comfort and satisfaction than those restorative treatments that are not as “tooth-like” in their design. 

More about composite

This attractive metal-free material is made from a blend of resin (plastic) and glass or quartz particles (fillers). We can perfectly match the color of the composite to the color of the teeth surrounding it. We also support a firm bond between the natural tooth and the filling with our meticulous planning and precise placement of the composite material. The process is straightforward and first involves preparing the natural broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged tooth. This preparation involves removing decayed or deteriorated tissues and reshaping the tooth as needed. All of this is done on numbed teeth. So you won’t feel a thing! Once the filling is properly placed, we make precise refinements as needed and polish it to bring out its natural luster and beauty. 

From there, you can enjoy and otherwise “use” your treated tooth like healthy, unaltered teeth. With consistent oral hygiene at home and here at our office, no further treatment is necessary. In all, composite fillings are:

  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Conservative (preserve utmost healthy tissue by removing only those damaged areas)
  • Safe 
  • “Wear” well (do not darken over time)
  • Appropriate for patients with concerns over adverse reactions or sensitivities to metals
  • Long-lasting with appropriate care 

To find out more about options to treat your aching or otherwise concerning tooth, do not delay reaching out to Dental Oasis of Orange County! Our office in Huntington Beach, CA, can be reached at (714) 312-7714.