We are “all in” with the All-on-4® approach … affordable, comfortable, precision implants!

At the heart of Dental Oasis of Orange County is a passion for the art and the science of dentistry. We appreciate that creativity, innovation, technology, and technical aptitude provide a powerful means to rebuild smiles marred by the effects of progressive decay, disease, trauma or, simply, the aging process and “wear and tear.” 

The All-on-4® treatment concept presents a remarkable option for our office in Huntington Beach, California, to replace many teeth or an entire arch of teeth in the quickest, gentlest, and most affordable way possible. It is a “twist” on dental implant-supported systems. 

Dental implants: Superior tooth replacement

In its most straightforward form, one cylindrical-shaped post (implant) is surgically positioned in the jawbone. The implant is fabricated from a biocompatible material, which means it is designed to heal or fuse to the surrounding natural tissues. Once the implant has fully healed, a crown is placed on top and connected to it. The implant then functions as a tooth root to hold the crown in place. Patients with implant-supported teeth enjoy how their new teeth look and feel natural and function like the “real deal.” With good oral hygiene, these replacement teeth can last for a lifetime. 

The All-on-4® concept recognizes that, unlike natural teeth, you do not need an implant to support every tooth. 

Since the implant is the most costly aspect of the treatment process, the need to replace each tooth with one implant and one restoration would be cost-prohibitive. It would also result in the need for many treatment sites, as well as excessive time in the treatment chair and demands on the body for healing.

The All-on-4® approach makes the most of available bone in the jaws. It is generally appropriate for individuals who are missing most or all of their teeth. This design gets its name because as few as four implants may be required to support all the replacement teeth in the upper or lower arch. That means we at Dental Oasis of Orange County could stabilize an upper or lower denture with just four dental implants. Generally, two implants are placed upright toward the front of the jaw. An additional two implants are positioned toward the back of the jaw. These posterior implants are angled at 45 degrees. Such thoughtful placement, in turn, allows for minimal implants to support a maximal number of prosthetic teeth. 

This revolutionary design also allows patients who are not good candidates for bone grafting to enjoy the many benefits of implant-retained dentures (“overdentures”). Among these patients who have suffered bone loss, grafting is not necessary. A strong foundation for the implant and its denture is laid by the strategic and exacting nature of the All-on-4® process. 

Prepare to be amazed by the All-on-4® approach! We look forward to answering any questions and providing more details about your options for treatment. 

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